About Us

Small Business Giving Back To Small Business Through Big Partnerships. Your Trusted Partner- All Business Direct Financial

All Business Direct Financial is able to offer a diverse spectrum of financing options which allow the small business and its customers to compete, grow and evolve.  We offer equipment financing, equipment refinancing, short term loans and additional lending platforms that are competitive and delivered with the service level that the small business owner demands.  All Business Direct Financial is the result of over 20 years of experience providing finance options to small business and developing strategic partners that understand small business and cater to its needs.

We have found over the years that banks offer a take it or leave it mentality when it comes to servicing small business- there is one option, the bank’s option.  All Business Direct Financial is a trusted partner that offers a wide range of financing options with a service level second to none- just like your business.

Our Senior Advisers will listen! We will work with you in building a tailored plan of capital injections either for leasing or financing equipment, working capital, revolving lines of credit and any business essential need. We utilize our strategic partnerships to secure your business the best solutions the industry can offer.  We understand a business should have the option of paying their loan or lease off early without penalty and at a discount.  All Business Direct Financial has all the programs in place to give the small business community the option of taking control over the cost of financing.  Let us be your partner now and in the future.

From all of us, we thank you!